1987 Nintendo NES Stadium Events Game on eBay

A sealed copy of the rarest licensed NES game in history is up for sale on eBay.

I read about this earlier this morning. The craziest thing is they are bidding enough to buy a car for a game they can’t play because it is sealed and graded. Remove it from the sealed case and the game is probably worth $30.

I wish I still had mine though. I had the power pad and everything. We never ran on it, we used our hands. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

i had a power pad… but they say there was only 200… so what the fuck was i playing on the pad…???

just checked the big… $99,600!!! no fucking way!!!

What is funny is the seller is set to make over 100k and is still gonna charge $31 for shipping. What a greedy bastard.

Also some of the people bidding don’t even have 10 stars, which means they are more than likely non paying bidders just bumping up the price.

i noticed that… i was thinking “$31 for shipping… well it is pristine and shit, pay extra for super peanut styro.”

but 99k… pay for the shipping you fuck.