2K will be at E3 "In a Big Way"

All they got left is Red Dead and Bioshock… here comes the announcement of a new bioshock and the collection. And hell, this will be the first time I can remember Rock Star having an E3 reveal. With EA pulling out, seems to make plenty of room for the other publishers.

Borderlands and Grand Theft Auto publisher Take-Two is bringing its big guns to E3 this year.

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick spoke in-depth about the publisher’s plans with MCV. Among the many quotes given was Zelnick saying “We will be there in a big way,” referring to the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo.
Take-Two has already announced or released games from several of the major studios under its belt in 2016. These include XCOM 2 from Civilizaton developer Firaxis, Battleborn from Gearbox, the makers of Borderlands, and the third entry in the open-world Mafia series.

The biggest missing pieces in their line-up are new games from Rockstar, and Bioshock Infinite director Ken Levine.

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That’s what I’m talking about. Wonder what Rockstar will have. Bet it’s gonna be red dead, but maybe some new ip. Maybe both!

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Rockstar North could be there with single player content for GTA V… or an announcement about GTA online being able to be purchased without GTA V. Rockstar San Diego Will hopefully talk about the next in the Red Dead series, but they also made the midnight club games.

I know what it is… Rockstar presents…

Table Tennis 2

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Red dead redemption 2.


could take place during the mexican revolution… that would be neat.

I would be interested in GTA Online standalone, I already had the title on my 360 and the free DLC (I think?) is all focused on the online gameplay anyway.

they are maiking roughly $250 a year off of GTA online… can you imagine if they offered as a F2P or separately for like $20 (didgital only), financially its the right move, people that wanted to play GTA for the story have done it already, now its all about the online portion.

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