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This is a group for people that like to play Titanfall. Join the group to get notified of any Titanfall events or when people are looking to group up. You can also mention @TitanfallPlayers if you are looking for people to play Titanfall with.

Protip: Clicking on the group name will provide a list of people in the group. You can see there gamer tags by clicking on their avatar.

XBox: @AmuseKus. @Grex
PS4 : Need a PS4 person

Added @TheKlown4Life as PS4 group leader.

Really need an XBox guy to step up as I don’t own this title.

Don’t be lame. Buy it. It’s fun. I heard Wentz plays all the time.

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What about atm? Do you think you could put BF1 down atm, in order to play some TF2 atm?

Atm, I’m confused as to what game you want to play atm, and what game you don’t want to play atm.

Add me. I bought it, and haven’t taken it out of the packaging but expect to start playing in a week or so.

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Added you and @Jtheism

Add me as well. Started campaign yesterday very impressed so far will try the multiplayer today


You should be able to now.

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I think he’s just wandering the point of your post. This is a sign up thread for the Titanfall group, not a What’s Azilan playing thread. And you used ATM twice in one sentence so Texas was mocking you a bit.

@AmuseKus has been suckered into running the XBox side of Titanfall for GRG. Look for him to run some events.


You can add me to the group. Let’s get twitchy with it.


Add me to the Titanfall players group too please.
I think @VengefulJedi was inquiring as well.

both added.

Please add the Bowlringer to the players group, thx.


Add me as well . Great game to play .

add me please

XBox store has this on sale for $35.99 RIGHT MEOW. I know I said I wouldn’t but I did. Now you fuckers will have to listen to me bitch about this game! :smiley: