Another new guy :)

My name is Adrian and I am living in Wales and looking to have some fun playing PC games with some good company, I play all kinds of games from CSGO to Empyrion Galactic Survival and Rome 2


Welcome aboard.

What systems do you game on? What games do you tend to play?

Sorry it was so short and I had to edit it, I accidentally published it before I was ready :blush:

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Welcome to GRG! Feel free to add me to Steam! (ZANESinsane)

Welcome to GRG!

Welcome Adrian.

Feel free to add me on Steam, presuming you’re on there (unobtainable).

I love the Total War series, played a bunch of them. You tried the Warhammer variants?

Thank you all for the nice welcome

I changed my profile to fully public

My main game was war thunder but burnt out on that so looking for another frag festing game.

I do like the total war games and the civ games, civ 5 was my fav for a few years but I have progressed to civ 6, I also have a lot of games in my list that I have only played for a very short time, I seem to be turning in to a small-time collector rather than player, I blame the steam sales and take no responsibility for my actions :grinning:

Don’t get me wrong as well as playing strategic games badly I also like fragging stuff in CSGO.

Take care talk soon

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Welcome to GRG!

Welcome always nice to have another PC game. Though I don’t share the same tastes in games I am sure we will play something at some point