Another new guy

Hey guys,

Just got accepted to join this group after finding out about it on reddit. You all sound like an awesome group to game with.

A little about myself:
Just graduated with a degree in engineering this past May and am still searching for a job to work at full time. I’m a really casual gamer that plays most evenings.

Any other questions feel free to ask!


Welcome to GRG! Sending a FR your way from my GT: JohnnyHustler

Welcome to GRG! What games are you playing?

I added you to my Xbox Friends list.

XBox GT: Lala Calamari


I am mainly playing battlefield 1but before I have also played some overwatch.

Welcome to GRG!

Welcome to GRG guy.

Welcome aboard.

Welcome to the community.

Welcome to GRG!

TexasReaperCrew on XB1

Welcome to the nuthouse.
GT - BalekFekete

Welcome to GRG
GT beers and leafs

Welcome aboard. Don’t mind the stains… you get used to them.

GT Cptnkillr

Added to FL. GT Sniper T1 on the X1. It looks like we will be playing a lot of BF1 so you should fit right in.

Welcome to GRG
The Body Farmer on the X1

Welcome, big dawg.