Another weapon update incoming

Lot of interesting things coming. Pulse rifles might take the back seat again.

In addition, Dec update is suppose to have new exotics as well, some from year one becoming year twos

Is bringing back old weapons something we should be excited about? I know Destiny recycles material like crazy but I’d really like to see something new at some point.

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I’m with you. Put those things to bed and get creative again. Maybe they’re having trouble naming new weapons. “We can only come up with so many names”

There will be new exotics they just not showing them yet. Boots are suppose to be coming but don’t know if it’ll be in December. Each class is getting at least one completely new exotic legs.

But I do agree with you, and hate weapons kept coming bAck making game not as fresh.

I agree with this, Bungie does not understand weapon balancing. Each update kills the Flavor of the month gun and only creates a new flavor of the month. They just can’t seem to find a good balance. Especially in PvP.

It’s not much different than you seen happen in many other online games. WoW went through it in its own way and they got to a point where they totally separated PvP and PvE to really try to balance it. Guild Wars 2 did that right away. I think Bungie needs to do that too.

I think there should be a seperation between the two cause then it’ll be easier to balance, cause right now they have to think of both sides And just makes thinks more complicated.

Is having a flavor of the month really that bad? I mean it gets people to try to play different weapons for a period of time. Makes the game fresh for a short time. For lot of us the game is stall right now, especially with other games out.
It’s just another reason to play the game, to mess with weapons.

It would be nice if they could find a perfect balance, but there will always be something that has a slight advantage. And always be that one guy that does the math to figure it out and tell all.