Anthem still alive?

Is this game still played? I know it was a disaster or maybe not that good even, but I was one of the poor suckers that preordered it. And now, I am going to try and play it through. Do we have many other people in the same boat?

Beat it on the Xbox but havent played in a while most of Grg has dropped it but there are a couple that play from time to time

Oh, ok. I play all on the PC. And I know the game is limping while losing a lot of blood, I am still hoping to be able to play my price of the game before it keels over.

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Ya I know I was really hoping for it to succeed and maybe they will bring it back who knows.

Well, it depends on who you listen too. The public, would either like to watch it just die and go away or to massively rework and patch the game like no one’s business. Either way, they did it too me without any lube. :frowning:

I’m still feeling the burn…

yea its pretty dead…it will match make you with ppl on missions if there is anyone still out there