anyone here into Trials?

I’m not the best at PVP, but I’d certainly love to give it a few chances. Anyone?

This is still your Xbone chars right?

I remember you saying you had TTK on both but further ahead on Xbox…

yea. now that things are calming down though I’m gonna be working on my PSN account this Monday-Thursday. I have the hardest time finding people that are into competitive PvP. Everyone I know is just not into it.

I know @beers_and_leafs1 on XBOX is into trials

I am interested in trying ToO (PS4) since they’ve made good gear accessible to less skilled players.

Doubt I’ll be any good though.

I’ve always wanted to try trials. That Egyptian themed armor always made me drool.

“I’ve always wanted to try trials. Egyptian men always made me drool.”

Fixed it for you…

I don’t judge


[QUOTE]“I’ve always wanted to try trials. Egyptian women always made me drool.”

Fixed it for you…

I don’t judge[/QUOTE]
I think there was something wrong with your keyboard. Your W and O keys stopped working.
But yes you’re right.

wow I certainly like where this thread has gone towards the ‘bottom’, how ever strayed from the original topic.

Still looking for peeps to get wrecked in Trials with on XBone. I have a hard raid tonight so unless anyone will be up much later it wouldn’t be tonight, but certainly tomorrow. Most of the sweaty try hards have also already got their fill of the mode by Monday also.