Are games to cheap?

The price of games have been $60 for like 8 or 9 years now. They haven’t increased in price at all really. Why? Were they too expensive 9 years ago and are just now leveling off? I know I don’t really want to pay more for games, but I’m just wondering how the developers continue to make money when the cost to develop games continues to rise.

What are you talking about? The price of games now is at least a $100 bucks. Look at all the DLC. You think CoD just creates the 9 maps they ship with? The rejects get cleaned up and go to DLC.

If you buy dlc sure, but the base price, excluding special editions, is still $60 and has been for a long time. I guess maybe that’s how they are able to do it now. They make up for their costs through dlc.

The cost of development isn’t rising near as much as the cost of marketing is when it comes to games. I guarantee that most of the 500 million reported as cost for Destiny wasn’t in the development considering how the content was pretty much the same stuff over and over with different backgrounds and more powerful versions of the same enemies.

Like Lala said, games aren’t 60 bucks if you want the full experience. They push 80-100 via DLC (which is on the disk half of the time) or microtransactions (like many of the sports games) if you want the full experience.

I’m still amazed that Destiny spent one dollar on advertising. It was the biggest hyped game of the year.

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been $60 ever since 360 and PS3… the only problem is for us, $60 is cheaper than to the middle schooler…

also, i think games sell a lot more copies than they used to. gaming is no longer… a niche. It is the biggest entertainment business. movies don’t make $1 million over night. videogames do.

and like was said, there is DLC, studios pumping out skin jobs as sequels (I’m looking at you hardline), plus digital gaming where the middle man is cut out.

there is just so much money floating around the industry.

oh and the “special editions” of games are usually $80+ so there is that also.