Armour grind

Am I the only one starting to get burnout from the gear grind ?..almost done with my blues .

I’m still debating on whether or not I’ll tackle this myself. I’m not a completionist and I can only re-run the same content so many times before my eyes bleed. I’m thinking I may stop and take a Destiny break (might attempt a raid run) and wait until Shadowkeep.

My only problem is I don’t have another game I’m interested in at the moment. Last night I was hoping back and forth between games like Gunny during Dollar Dog night at the Glory Hole.


Because you Sir, are a cheap whore


Once I’m done with my titian that’s it for me… I doubt i will get it master worked. I guess im a sort of completionist , just don’t want too burn out again… Because I love the game. Borderlands is coming soon also so I will bounce back in forth… Oh yeah and division 2 also…lmao. so many games to little time…lol

Lol… There will be only borderlands 3

ahhhhh… So many sweet weapons to choose from… I played borderlands 2 a little… So I’m a newbie of sorts.

I actually pre ordered BL3 (why pre-order anything?) but im not sure i will take that break with so much i want to do in Destiny…but i’m that completionist that wants everything, including weapons and armor i may never use…that said EAZ is getting boring…

Awesome… I haven’t pre-ordered yet… looks like we will folks to grind with…cool. Yeah I hear you… I still need 60 mini bosses ugggg…

I do not understand the EAZ at all.

btw there is a cheese to the mini bosses in EAZ…get the cabal version, there are 3 main bosses at the end (yellow bars) kill 2, then every 40 seconds a scion will spawn (orange) and it counts as a mini boss. get in a fireteam and then you can farm this, just make sure all memebrs get damage on the scion before the kill, if you go with blueberries they will kill the 3rd commander and you will be back to eaz grinding

Thanks Val… I will try that later tonight.