Base damage of high end weapons

Base damage of high end weapons from vendors at the minimum fire arms

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I dropped my fire arms, skill power and stamina to the base of 535 to see what the real dmg per shot is.

Vector 45 ACP…,…5554-6591
Police mk17 …11782-13981
Black market AK-74…5386-6391
Damascus…,… 5386-6391
Marine super 90 …26928-31952
Liberator. …4376-5193
Officer M9A1 …4039-4793

These are all the Blueprints available through the special gear vendor in the BOO. I’ll add the darkzone later and hopefully a fire arms to dmg ratio.


Sweet info. Thanks for putting this up.

So the liberator sucks? Or it shoots faster?

Yeah… Looks like a very niche weapon…

I’m dissapointed.