Basic Bro

Whats up guys! I’m Chaos and I heard about GRG in the Destiny forums. Diggin’ the site layout and setup, kudos to the admins!

Anywho, I’m currently playing lots of Destiny on the XB1. I have both consoles though and a PC I built myself. I’ve been a gamer my entire life and a bit of a tech nerd as well. I’m 25 and just graduated from UCF…which means I have no job, a bunch of debt, and plenty of free time! Currently most of my multiplayer game library resides on the XB1 since that’s what a lot of my friends ended up getting (against my wishes). But feel free to add me across all the gaming platform services!

At this point you’re probably thinking, “Damn this ChaosTheoryEXE guy is awesome! Why did he want to join us?” The answer is pretty simple. Nothing sucks more than having a bunch of games across all platforms and having no one to play with. I’m really hoping you guys will be able to help with that. #NoNewFriends

Well that’s it for my incoherent introductory rant. I hope to hear back from your moms and shit. :point_right: :ok_hand: :heart:



Nice intro, man. We play the shit out of Destiny, there’s almost always someone on.

TexasReaperCrew on XB1

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Nice Intro Man… Welcome to the group.
Don’t listen to Tuttle, he just wants to show you his Peen.

GT = azshortbus35

I’ll add you to the FL
I’m new to Destiny, so there is still tremendous work to be done on my part…
See you out there…

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Welcome to the community!! I’m from Palm Beach County myself and a LOT of my friends graduated from UCF with quite a few going back to watch the football games so, Go Knights!!!
I don’t play Meh-stiny but i play about everything else.

PSN: Audible__Silence

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LOL @ Meh-stiny! That’s probably the best description of last years game. I’m really enjoying TTK though. I’ve already put more time into it than I did all of last year when it launched.

Welcome homie! Im on both consoles as well. Holla at me. GT and PSN DuvalFunk

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I ain’t no holla back girl bro!

jk…adding everyone right now lol

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@skivir another bro, bro.

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Welcome to the clan. I added you to my Friends list.

XB1 GT - Lala Calamari

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Thank you! Appreciate you getting back to me this morning.

Welcome man. Be careful of all the dusty nuts on the clan. Young guys need to stick together against them. Add me on psn: cridkid

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Welcome Bro.

XB Live : Grex

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Welcome to the community! My mom should be calling soon, I gave her yo’ digits. PSN is AlphaMack


Welcome to GRG. BROTASTIC introduction. X1 GT: The Body Farmer

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