Battleborn Digital Deluxe $40.00

Amazon has Battleborn Digital Deluxe (full game + season pass) for $40.00. This is good for the PS4 and XB1. I’ve been tempted to try this and the price isn’t bad. Not sure how many GRG have this.

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The close release date to Overwatch most likely hurt this game the most. The other issue is you really need a team to play this game. I understand the game is a blast if you have a team. Which is why I’m hesitating on the purchase. Not too many have it.

I am pretty sure some brilliant guy kept mentioning this on the Reapercast.

Yeah I been playing it still. And I’m been playing outside GRG mostly, been finding people.

I totally agree that Overwatch overshadowed this title and too many people have the misguided they are the same game. In fact at work a guy was trying to tell me Overwatch was a MOBA, which it isn’t at all.

Battleborn gives me tons of stuff to do that I like, collecting gear, leveling up characters in match and outside of match.

I’ll be playing Overwatch tonight with GRG tonight I hope though.

Everyone keeps comparing this to overwatch… and they are NOTHING alike.

BB was supposed to come out in feburary… but somebody fucked up. Then blizzard pounced. It wasn’t just coincidence that the open beta came out on the release day of BB.

$40 is a great alternative imo. Still playing this game. About 5 of us on ps4 play… more purchased it but they haven’t been on.

Also… if your worried about finding ppl… you could always recruit…

Exactly who is saying they are the same game? I haven’t seen that here or off site. In fact I’ve only seen people say how different they are.

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I just saw this price drop news. It really depends on thw amount of people who will play. As soon as I’m done with my cert tests I’ll come back to gaming.

We had one member in the forums say they were same game and “Overwatch Looks like the better buy.” People I talk to at work compare the two.
Seen it in other game forums. I rarely see the media doing it but individual posters acting like they are same game.

It’s not a lot but enough that gives some people false information.

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Being the better buy is not the same as both games are similar. You’re mixing up the point. Overwatch is attracting more players in GRG, so yes, if you want to game with GRG it’s the better buy. (based off player head count)

As for game mechanics, they’re very different. All the posts (here and offiste) say BB is MOBAish and Overwatch is TF2ish. Unless I’m missing posts here. I don’t know.

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No he said they were the same game and that since they were the same game should only buy one and Overwatch seemed to be the one.

One person saying something stupid vs “everyone” is a little different. I was commenting on this: [quote=“Audible_Silence, post:10, topic:7054”]
Everyone keeps comparing this to overwatch… and they are NOTHING alike.

I’m not seeing those comparisons here.

You said you seen nobody say it here or off site I am saying I have in both situations.

Links please. Especially for on site posts.

its not here, its mostly in comment sections of articles, probably in peoples heads that arent dorks they think these games are very similar… the marketing doesnt help. none of OW or BB commercials show actual gameplay, its all cinematic stuff. Other people have noted that they kept thinking they were the same game.

This or that? why not both?? its like COD vs Halo, they are nothing alike…

I honestly thought BB should of been $30 right out the gate. Go all digital (like Rocket League). I’d bet they’d have sold a ton more and could of made up the money off skin packs.

Oh lord you win if that’s what you want to hear.

I am not wasting my time searching through month old posts to prove points, it’s not that important.

Because you’re full of shit and I called you on it. Don’t get all butt hurt.

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