Bergusia Forge

We struggled finishing the last boss last night. One strategy was to hold the Titan Shield on the walker. It does massive damage and you take less incoming damage. Another was to snipe it from the spawn point. @destinyplayers

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I also read where you can go in with your toon even if you haven’t completed the other forges. You can complete any forge frame there no matter which forge the frame says if requires.

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Bust out the whisper

I never did get that.

Whaaaaaaaaa? I thought everyone got that.

Lala and his “hunter” are special!!!

I just never got around to doing it. I had hit my max level of grind that I could tolerate when that started. Took a break and came back for 650 grind.

I’d need a sherpa. @valiantvictory promised to help me but has ignored my requests.

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