BF4 or Hardline Interest?

What’s up fellow Reapers? I wanted to put a post out to gauge interest in Battlefield, whether it be BF4 or Hardline, on the Xbox One. We’ve hit a stalemate as far as games to play, until the onslaught of AAA games are released, starting Oct 27 with Halo 5. I know with school starting up soon, for those of us with kids, people’s schedules will be returning to more like “normal,” which I would think would get people back to playing in the evenings more often.

I’d like to organize a Battlefield night, sometime in the near future. My initial thoughts are Friday, Sept. 4, 9EST, 8CST. But I am open to other nights, as I am available pretty much every night. I just dont want to interfere with other planned game nights. This could turn into a weekly thing, depending on interest.

So let me know what you guys think! I might add, there will be not be a chopper flying class hosted by myself, but I would attend one if anyone wanted to step up! :smile:

Look at Mr. Team Leader!!

BF4 for me.


I might get EA access for bf4 seems like a lot of people are playing that now.

EA Access is awesome, IMO. I got it mainly for BF4, but am able to scratch an itch for FIFA once in a while, plus you get 10 hour trials for new releases. Madden 16 is the most recent one, which is another I get an itch for, but would be a waste if I paid full price for.

BF4 for me as well. I’ll jump in some games.

Sounds good I’ll probably pick it up and drop my ESO sub seems like interest is going quick for that game.

Thanks for reminding me to cancel my sub.


I’m in for BF4 preferably.

I figured BF4 would win hands down, bunch of hardline haters around here. Lol

Looking at the calender, I wonder if we should just run it opposite of Klown’s ps4 night? Would make sense to me

I am good for any night.

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good idea @texasrapercrew, but BO3 beta next week for me.

Good point. Week after works better, thanks for reminding me.

I’m down for BF4 or hardline. Like @SKIVIR I don’t get on much Friday and Saturday but I’ll play anytime I can

I like the feedback, boys. Obviously the consensus is BF4, and we’re gonna “shoot” for Monday August 31st.

Check the clan calendar, hit that RSVP button. Hopefully we can get a few squads going!

BF4…oh yeah. Glad to see the interest!

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Tonight is the night, guys! 9e/8c, on Xbox one. See y’all there!!

I’ll be there. I also had requested to join the GRG platoon, anyone know anything on that end?

You’ve been added.