BF4 Xbox One

For those of you that don’t have EA Access, BF4 is in the Xbox Store for $4.50 for Gold members.

I’ll be replaying this for a bit now. It’s too bad my Premium didn’t transfer from Xbox 360. Stuck with the bare bones.

I have the BF 4 basic also. We were playing one night a week before OW came out. Will probably start that again when the new wears off.

We will definitely pick up BF4 again once OW wears off

I’ve really missed playing BF4 since getting my Xbox One, so that’s where I’ll be for the next little while. Definitely going to miss my Premium though. I have many hundreds of hours invested in that game. Feel free to hit me up if you see me over there. I mostly play on hardcore because I hate emptying a full clip into someone without them dying.

With the new BF coming out I wonder if they will reduce the premium for BF 4 to $4.50 anytime soon.

Go to right now and look at Premium. I just picked it up for free.

Does that 4.50 include dlc or not?

No, just the bare bones BF4, but I did just pick up Premium for free from

I’m not sure if that has something to do with EA Access though. I guess I’ll find out

Still $49.99 when I checked. $4.50 for the basic game. Must be free with your Ea Access.

I don’t have EA Access. Maybe it’s a glitch from when I had it previously. I guess I’ll find out after work.

Since you bought it on the 360 maybe it is just catching up with the X1.

That would be absolutely amazing if that was the case. When I had EA Access for the one month, I know Premium didn’t transfer to the One. It would seem silly to have Premium transfer, and not the game itself.

I just found this, so it’s probably a glitch from my previous EA Access membership. Good info for people who are considering EA Access though. This almost makes it worth it.

The Battlefield 4 Premium pass is available on EA Access forever, which means you can get the full version of the first-person shooter, plus all five of its DLC packs and other extras, for free when you subscribe to EA Access for $4.99 a month or $29.99 a year. It also gives players access to 19 other full versions of EA games.

The full version of Battlefield Hardline is already in the EA Access Vault, but now those players can access all four of its DLC packs and other features with the free Premium pass. However, this freebie offer will expire on September 1.

That’s great news then. It wasn’t the case before when I had EA Access. Now I’m really stoked.