Bored....what to play?

Damn…so the ADHD is kicking this morning… done probably jumped around 5 different games, messed around outside, worked in the garage, music listening…and still cant decide what game to just settle into…

Who else get this type of stir crazy going on? What game do you default to when nothing is seeming right?

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This afternoon I’ve played:
Rocket League
Ghost Recon Wildlands

I’ve also watched Amazon Video and am now on the forum, whilst looking at my Steam library.

Might load up one of my Xbox 360 games…

My default these days is Rocket League, unless I have some other game I’m binging at that moment.

do you have the Gears of Wars games for the 360 on XB1?

Madden is my default game. I can play it all the time.

Two weeks ago I was going nutty cause I couldn’t stay in a game longer than 10 minutes.

I’m the same way. I tend to jump around a lot. I tend to default to Rocket League, usually because it’s a ~5 minute game and it’s something to do while I figure out what to put some real playing time into.

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I do, usually after I finally stop obsessively playing a game. I’m horrible when it comes to SP Bethesda games, for example. Once I finally start getting bored I want to keep playing but want to play other things and jump from game to game until I get settled in. Or I just don’t game for a little while. That doesn’t happen as often.

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When I get bored, I switch to the left hand


I had my younger kid snuggling up with me watching Star Wars so I was good. At 9 those days are getting shorter. I am already an alien to my 13 year old.


Could always do the ole numb hand. Never fails.


try out Ride to Hell an xb1 game


Helldivers is a good go to game…rayman is still fun world of tanks is good. Found myself playing borderlands 2 on ps3 today!

You can never go wrong with Forza Horizon 3. It’s the only game I’ve been playing.

Well i am pretty sure you know what game i always go to.

LOL yeah i see a few ppl on that from time to time

There is always porn !!! :grin:


Nope, played them but I don’t think I ever owned them.