Bows, Staves, and Shields Oh My!

For all the Sorcerers and Board and Sword Templars, I’ve started to level up the Woodworking a bit. I can use all the maple and oak you find, as well as racial motifs and trait gems. :wink:


I need all lootz.

You can get a lot of maple just running around the starting level. Make sure you upgrade to where you can see resources glowing. It helps.

Upgrade what?

Depending on your profession you can put a skill point into one of the things that makes it so resources you need glows. Will tell you the name when I get home.

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I’m focusing on woodworking as well.

Wood lovers.

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For you Tuttle it’s early…cheep materials and don’t need a lot of them.

Nice - I’ll start dropping what I craft into the guild bank for you to deconstruct. Read that’s the single best way to level up - deconstructing other people’s stuff. Single worst is doing it on your own materials - which is all I’ve been doing so far. D’oh!

I’m doing Alchemy for skill line. I need light armor & inferno/resto staffs with training trait.

I’ve got a few of those staffs… Disnt know we had a “guild” bank

You can trade with individuals as well.

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Why does it matter whether you deconstruct your own or someone else’s stuff? I don’t understand that.

You get more experience for deconstructing other people’s creations.

I still don’t get why though. Now give me your shit so I can break it. :sunglasses:

Give me all your weapons, I’ll give you back broken wood, now go kill something.

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I forgot about that. I need to start sending you my crafted cloth.

Because that is how they game devs wanted it. LOL.

So you are social.

I need to spend 5 minutes into crafting.

What should I focus on as a Sorcerer? Blah, hate crafting.