Bungie Rewarding Destiny's Most Dedicated Players

Remember when Bungie said they were going to reward their most dedicated players after showing off the Taken King exclusive DLC. Well it’s here finally…

Bungie has revealed a special reward for first-year Destiny players who complete a certain criteria of in-game challenges.
The prize is an exclusive emblem in the shared-world shooter, which Bungie says will only be available this one time. To attain the reward, Destiny players must finish 10 challenges, called the Moments of Triumph, before September 9.

The Moments of Triumph are:
Apprentice of Light — Reach level 20
Light of the Garden — Finish the Black Garden mission
Light in the Soul — Finish The Dark Below story
Light of the Reef — Finish the House of Wolves story
Bane of Skolas — Defeat Prison of Elders on hard
Bane of Atheon — Finish the Vault of Glass raid on hard
Bane of Crota — Finish the Crota’s End raid on hard
Public Servant — Complete 50 public events
Crucible Gladiator — Win 100 Crucible matches
Chest Hunter — Find all 20 golden chests
Bungie is retroactively pulling data from the past year for Destiny
players in regard to the Moments of Triumph, meaning some players may
have already finished all of the tasks. If not, Guardians have roughly
two months to complete them.


So, first of all, its a fucking emblem. twirls finger Second, you only get this reward if you’ve completed all these “Moments of Triumph” or achievements? Fuck you Bungie, you pretentious asshats.

On the 7th Day celebration , Destiny players get just this ? What a rotten Bungie Day gift .

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