Bunker 11

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I’m just trying to survive as long as possible and these dudes are goofing off and answering phones.

lol. I was doing that last night, but some people in the group were talking to much that I could not hear the phone. Plus of late I seem to get offed WAY to fast that I think I will never last long enough to ever see the inside of the bunker.
And really all I want is the blueprint, could care less about the rest of it… for now.

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Think we are going to need to get some clan groups going to make bunker runs.

After watching the videos, I think the easiest way to get the blueprint is just hang out around the bunker, wait for someone to do that hard work, bum rush the show, and get the goods.

Guess my idea is not a new one for the bunker.

Ahhhh, the GRG method.

We’re too potato to do this on our own. :smile:

Just need 3 more to raid the party. :dagger: :gun: :bow_and_arrow: :drop_of_blood: