Call of Duty WW2 XB1 Beta 9/1

Join Lala Calamari for a night CoD WW2 Beta action on the XBox 1. I’ll be forming a party up around 9PM EST. Will be looking to try out the new War Game Mode.

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I’ll be there as long as the send me my code.

Looking forward to get my twitchy Cod on. Maybe @Gunny will be on for 5 mins before rage quit.

^ For those that got a physical copy.

@codplayers The beta is live. A day early.

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Are they sending out extra codes or just the one?

Actual beta

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Just 1

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Oh, I guess I’ll be on this tonight! Nice.


I’ll be on this tonight!!! :+1:

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In and on

I was waiting all day since they did for PS4

Need more caffeine


Got the Xbox code today and started download. Will bu playing Saturday for sure.

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Quickscoping is back… and brutal.


This game has huge potential IF they fix the quick/noscoping problem. I’ll probably still buy it for community nights and SP but if pubs are like what we experienced tonight, no gun besides snipers can do shit, and I’ll avoid pubs in favor of Battlefront 2 and Destiny.

Played a bit more later. Unlocked the 2nd SMG and that’s pretty solid. Seems right now it’s SMGs or Quick Scoping. I like the War game mode. It’s a bit different.


Whybrid couldn’t I get in or on?

I don’t even see it anywhere.

I like the War game mode cause I dont have to worry about people spawning behind me.

TDM is awful. Small ass arena maps with people constantly spawning behind you. Not sure why expected it to be any different than past COD.

Going to try some DOM today and see what its like. As of right now I am not really impressed with the overal game. All the reasons I stopped playing COD are still there. War mode being the difference but not sure 1 mode will get $60 worth my time with Detiny 2 almost out and PUBG around the corner.

from reading @D1G1TALC1PHERS post yesterday sounds like people that pre ordered a physical copy of game got one day early on the beta.

I did the MS store pre-order. The beta was hidden. You have to browse for the game in the store. Click on season pass and it showed up there.

It’s a 17 GB download.

Well that info could have been useful yesterday just mess with it later tonight.