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Destiny’s Trials of Osiris Introduces New Crucible Scoring Rules

Bungie is introducing a new scoring system for Trials of Osiris, the endgame crucible mode launching with Destiny’s House of Wolves expansion. The mode revolves around what Bungie is calling “passages.” These are essentially scorecards players will acquire from Brother Vance at the Vestian Outpost in the Reef –– beginning on Friday each weekend, the scorecard will keep track of players’ wins and losses. If players lose five rounds, they lose a match. Lose three matches, and the scorecard is revoked until players return to the Reef for another.

The maximum number of wins for each scorecard is nine, and earning at least eight will net players the high-tier Gold rewards. However, if players are unhappy with the early rounds of their scorecard, they can buy a new one for 100 glimmer –– Bungie wanted to keep the cost cheap in order to encourage players to shoot for the best outcome. If players should survive past the time limit of any respective round, a sudden death overtime rule will be instituted in the form of a central control zone. When the time runs out, the team with at least one player in the zone –– or with the player closest to the zone –– will win the round. Lastly, according to Bungie, quitting will count as a loss on players’ scorecards.

Destiny’s Trials of Osiris Sticks to One Map Each Week

As mentioned on Bungie’s Destiny live stream today, the new upcoming weekly PvP activity, Trials of Osiris, will be locked to one map per week.

If that sounds limiting, there’s actually a pretty good reason behind it. Teams will carry a punch card of sorts, called “The Passage of Osiris,” with rewards being doled out based on how many wins (up to nine) they can scratch out before hitting three losses. In order to ensure as little randomness as possible, Crucible lead designer Derek Carroll felt that locking in one map for the week-long recurring event would create a stable, uniform competition.

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Crusicble getting an overhaul - This part alone makes the game worth re-installing

First and most importantly they’ve doubled the marks and reputation across the board in Crucible which is used to buy certain weapons and armor. Now when you win you’ll receive six marks instead of three and twice the amount of experience per match. They also promised that you’ll be seeing a lot more loot in Crucible. Lars Bakken said “We’ve doubled that stream period so you’re going to see a lot more blues dropping at the end. On top of that we’ve added purple. I believe there are 12 new legendaries that will drop.” “Not only that, but we’re allowing you to get etheric light.” Etheric light is the new item that lets you upgrade all your gear to the new maximum level. Bungie confirmed that you’ll receive one from hitting level 3 in Iron Banner, one for hitting level 5 in Iron Banner, as random drops in Trials of Osiris, and as a supplemental drop in Nightfall missions. Deej also confirmed that the weekend vendor Xur will be completely abandoning the old upgrade system and that the only way to level up weapons and armor will be by using the etheric light items. When discussing leveling your gear they also said that any progress will transfer over when ascending a piece of gear. For example if you have an exotic that is halfway leveled up you will not lose that progress, but you will have to complete leveling the armor or weapon at the new damage level. In addition to the loot drop increase, they also said that players who place first are more likely to be rewarded for their efforts, meaning when the loot drops at the end of a PVP match the first place player is more likely to get something good. “It’ll be less likely that number 1 doesn’t get anything.” Also completing the daily crucible objective will give you a reward package that will contain Passage Coins for items that will help in Trials of Osiris, glimmer, motes of light, and more.

Dark Below maps will be free
When house of wolves releases, the Dark Below MP maps will be free and added to the playslists.

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Nice that they are starting to acknowledge pvp players.

Really? they get IB once a month every month…

I’m glad they’re doing this with pvp. Defintely a good incentive to get more people involved.