COD 2018 Speculation Thread

Eurogamer reports this year’s COD is Black Ops 4. Says it’s modern day boots to ground combat without the jetpacks and wall running. It also looks like a Switch version will be released as well.

No surprises here, just figured this could be a start to the new COD thread.

I know people have liked WW2 but I think I am tapping out on the franchise. Only worth it to me if we have a large group each Wednesday.

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I enjoy CoD WW2. Sure I don’t play it like I used to play CoD titles, but I don’t play any game full time anymore.

That said I’m not sure what I want from CoD Next. I’ve hated Treyarch games, they always have the worst net code. The Lag Compensation always fucked me over in their games. I’ll safely get to cover to just die. People with poor net connections always have the benefit with their titles.

Also, I’d like to see what they do with Kill Streaks. I really like how WW2 handles them, they’re not over bearing or game changing like previous CoD titles. I hope that trend continues.

Personally, I’d like to see BLOPS 4 go back to Modern Combat with tech we currently have. I’m 100% if it’s future tech nonsense.

I’d also like to see CoD follow the trend of free DLC. Everyone else is doing it and I don’t think CoD is the draw it used to be.

Same. I bought WW2 just to play on community night. I played twice. I just don’t have the desire I used to have when it comes to COD. Even community night wasn’t enough to force myself to play it.

I don’t think there is anything they can do to bring me back. It’s not that COD is a bad game. It’s a great game for people that still love it. It’s just time for new games for me. I have a feeling this is how I will be with any standard FPS game for the time being. My times of capturing the D are over.

That is never over

CoD lost me a few titles ago. Same story as everyone, the flying around twitchy shit doesn’t work for me. Had zero interest to buy WW2, and can’t see myself buying future titles.

Good times, while they lasted

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I don’t think it will be future nonsense

And they will NEVER give away anything they can get money for

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I had my wife get WW2 for me for Christmas as it was on sale. I really wanted it for the campaign as I heard it was good. Played 2 lay filled matches in MP and that’s it. Haven’t played any with GRG as my schedule, PUBG, and BF2 have priority. Maybe one of these days…

I like WWII well enough. It’s a nice game to look at, but it doesn’t feel like anything was really fixed to make it new.

Sure, it’s a new/revisited setting for many young gamers. The problem for me with Activision is they’re perfectly content with just slapping lipstick on the pig… or in this case, a cash cow. And rarely are issues fixed when pointed out – Why fix it if people are still going to buy it?

I don’t know if that’s speculation or not, but there ya go.