COD Community reactes to Black Ops III

its simple, it gives people something to work towards. And people want to stand out, they one their avatar to have character. People changes wheels and tires on their car to stand out, its the same thing.

more people want the customization than people who don’t. otherwise people wouldnt strive to get the diamond camos. without goals, these games get stale faster.


Agreed. Its all about “Hey, Look at me”. Shoot i remember in Halo 3 all about getting the Recon armor.

I like how BO3 will be contracted with PS and the PS4. Maybe we can get bigger groups coming over to play on the PS4 now. Early DLC and PS4 development before being ported to other consoles just sounds awesome.

No thanks . I will stay on the Xbox

Personally, I like the customization in games.

Also, tmartn has a much less annoying voice here then in his videos.