Community Improvements - More PC Friendly

In GRG we are always looking for feedback on what we can do to make this a better community. In chat recently a suggestion was made about making GRG more “PC Friendly”. This is a pretty broad topic but some ideas have come up in regards to it. Here are the improvements we have made thus far:

* Updated Discord Permissions to allow new users to see all chat rooms but can only chat in #general till they become a member
* Added and broke out more rooms in Discord (dont be afraid to ask for more)
* Now have the Discord Invite link in recruiting messages

More to come!

We may have closed the thread but are still looking for leaders to help on the PC Side of GRG. So, if you want to recruit for a particular game you are playing and would like to setup parties please let us know.

Got an idea to make GRG better or a concern make a thread here in #meta.



I think if anything we just continue to be more active on the PC side and group up. We don’t have to cater to being game specific because that’s not what we are. We want to build a community and not an all BFV group. I personally will step up and be more active posting in forums and things. Will also try to share each other’s gameplay of our shenanigans so others can see what we truly are…just some old asses with real life trying to relieve some stress, drink some beer, and cut up a little bit. You don’t always have to rethink the wheel to be successful but you do have to stay consistent


This is pretty much how all of GRG operates now and have for years (ever since we left 2old2play and changed from 2old2shoot). Look at what games we’re playing on consoles at this very moment, Destiny 2, CoD, BF5, Fallout 76, RDR2, ARK, ESO and PUBG. We’re all over the place. Sure we try to focus on the key titles but we’re open to anything really.

We’re also not looking to reinvent the wheel with the PC side, we’re just looking to implement what works on Consoles to the PC Group. The real onus is on the GRG Members who are PC Gamers. They need to step up, be active and part of the community. It’s the only way this will work. Things will steamroll once we establish a base group of PC gamers that are willing to invite and include others and not just Discord server hop until they find the LFG group they are looking for.

Oh I agree with you, my post was more for some of the people who want to focus on specific games. I will step up and become more active on th me PC side

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yeah i probably was not clear enough. Was trying to explain that you don’t have to recruit for a specific game but for the game(s) that you are playing. So as to say why game alone when you can get a party together and hopefully get some new members in the process.

These are great changes.

I have noticed we’ve had a lot of new faces in the voice channels for bfv.

Sometimes it just takes one person in there playing and a couple more people pop in.

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That’s really all it takes. A few people gaming together and on consistent basis.

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Someone buy me a gaming PC and I’ll head up the group ! :stuck_out_tongue: