Community Night 6/1


Join us for another weekly edition of GRG’s Community Night. A night were we rally up the troops and shoot people in the faces. Look for members in lobbies of Overwatch, ARK, Battleborn, Divison and Destiny. Lobbies starting around 9pm EST. As always feel free to join any member party especially GRG staff.


Don't Game Alone

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I will be running an Overwatch party starting at 8:30-9pm eastern

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I’ll be online from PS4 after I get home–probably around 630p Pacific.

You can find me on Ark on XB1

My streak of parties has come to an end so should be on Overwatch tonight.

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I’m out tonight. MLS Union game, I’ll be drinking my face off.

@Grex will be running one Overwatch Custom lobby. We’ll need another. @beers_and_leafs will be on but a bit later.

Anyone want to handle the XB1 Overwatch overflow room? Just need to gather the troops and fire off a room. So easy I can even do it.

Yall can count on me joining in on some x1 Overwatch. Should be on at about 7-8.

GT: Rigonn

I’ll be on Overwatch, see ya’ll around 10 ish

Overwatch between 8 and 9 eastern.

I’ll be on Overwatch with @Klown4Life … Also down for some Borderlands. I will be getting home from work around 930 est

I’ll be on overwatch tonight prob around 9ish.

Overwatch 8 PM Central time ( though I will be on playing sooner then that ) .

I will be on The Division XB1 from 630pm EST

Well sh*t. Doesn’t look like anyone’s going to be on anything I’ve got at the moment. And Redbox doesn’t currently have Overwatch stocked for either PS4 or Xbone.

I can be on Overwatch at 8pm-9pm East Coast Time.

Ummm remember for GRG that is 8 - 9 BST

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Brady Standard Time is GRG’s official time zone.

Bastion is GRG’s official Overwatch Hero.

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I hardly play Bastion I feel like a dick just playing him lol.

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Good times had on Overwatch! Thanks for coming out @RebelxHeart @pat_nukem @ALargeFarva @geoelectric @Gloryofthelost


PS4 party is still open, at least for an hour or so more. I might be in Witcher 3 but say hi and I’ll jump back to Overwatch.