Community rule about joining.

okay fellow reapers, I have a friend who i want to recruit. However she is soon to be 23. I know 25 is usually the deal but i have seen a few exceptions. How does one become an exception. She is, in my opinion, very mature and pretty laid back.

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Being a she makes it OK! Lol



Basically if it turns it she sucks, you get a shit storm the rest of your life.

This is true, we can’t shun the other sex, there far and few between already.

Usually, there’s something in the application that gets us to make an exception, or it’s someone we’ve gamed with. My thought would be that we would need to game with them first to see how they act there. Then, if they are cool, we can discuss an exception.

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well she is super shy, but i just bought her ark and she wants to play but no one is on ark right now

for any of you who want to meet her, we are on now.

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