Current Items We are working on / Need to be fixed

Here’s a list of what we are currently working on or items that need to be fixed. If there are any issues with the site, please post them here. I’ll add them to the list and we’ll start working on them.


  • Comments linked with Discourse - COMPLETED. We can’t link into Discourse but there are now comments in Events.

Log on issues with Front page

  • People are complaining the front page isn’t keeping them logged on.
  • They have to log on each time. - Bug submitted to registration plugin developer, waiting on a fix.


  • Link to Chat on the forum page. - COMPLETED
  • Or create a link next to twitch going to chat - COMPLETED
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I’m not complaining mind you, but I thought you should know.

I keep getting a message to allow to show desktop notification? I can choose Allow or Block. Of course I choose block and it just keeps coming back. Not a biggy. I can simply ignore it.

That’s for the Chat notifications.

Ah. Ok. My bad. Thanks

Grex has located the issue with sign ons. We’re still working on a solution. Our Registration plug in is conflicting with the remember me option.

We are working on it. Grex is personally refunding everyone’s subscription fees. :smile:

Wow, no issues or requests?

We really rocked this out then.