Custom Avatars for XBox 1

You’ll need the Windows 10 Xbox Beat app and the avatars will have to be verified. Images have to be at least 1080x1080

Link to Beta app:


1080x1080 wtf!!!

Yeah, no shit. Size is huge for no reason.

Tomorrow’s headline:

“Record amount of dick pics uploaded as avatars for Xbox Live”


It only took about 30 seconds for my Avatar to be approved.

@Lala_Calamari Here is one for the GRG group page. It won’t let me change it.


Cool, Ill switch it tomorrow.

Can you get one to say Grim Reaper Gamers or GRG as well? I uploaded a stock grg one we have and it works great. It’s just not centered. I was cool seeing the GRG logo when I got my Battlepack in BF1 tonight.

Club picture updated.