Days Gone on PS5 will support 60fps with dynamic 4K

Survival horror PlayStation exclusive Days Gone is getting an extra boost on PlayStation 5.

Sony’s Bend Studio took to Twitter to confirm that the game will indeed benefit from the PS5’s added power. When played on PS5, Days Gone will run at dynamic 4K resolution and up to 60fps.

In addition to these upgrades, Bend Studio confirmed that the game’s PS4 saves would indeed transfer over to PS5. This is something that wasn’t exactly clear from the onset, since this functionality seems to differ from game to game.

The 2019 game first debuted on PlayStation 4 and introduced players to former outlaw Deacon St. John. Set in post-apocalyptic Oregon two years after a global pandemic swept the world, it followed Deacon on his quest to find his wife, who may still be alive out in the world.

On his journey, he can utilize guns, improvised weapons by way of crafting, stealth, and melee to thwart the “Freakers,” or the cannibalistic monsters spawned as a result of the pandemic. Deacon explores the large open world via his motorcycle and can carry items with the bike’s additional storage space as well.

Days Gone initially debuted in April 2019, and while it opened to somewhat lukewarm reviews in some instances, it’s a solid open world adventure with heart. Now that the PS5 is headed to store shelves, there are a couple of great reasons to return to it or start it up for the first time.