Destiny 2 faction Rally

Next week is faction rally


Here is what you need to know (if you care to know)

  1. Only one Faction per account per faction rally (gone are the days of logging in assign each of your 3 characters to each different faction, log back in the following Monday and get loot)

  2. Renown system will allow you to get many more tokens, but at a cost (see below)

  3. 3 faction rallies this season (June, July August)

  4. Each faction has an exotic catalyst (Dead Orbit has the Graviton lance so GRG will officially be a Dead Orbit Clan) Kidding choose how you want…as long as its dead orbit (sweet business and Sunshot are the other 2 factions)

  5. Each faction will have vendor progression though the season like Vanguard, IB Crucible and Ana Bray

I think this will be great everywhere but Mars…if you have renown and head to the lost sector but an escalation protocol kicks off…you die and start over


So they take away the ability to rally with all three factions if you run multiple characters even though the faction rallies were rigged with what faction had the best weapon to win anyway and now this? Still rigged is it not? I would expect most to side with Dead Orbit because of the Graviton Lance. SMDH… sigh!

I know it sucks but I think its good from a gamplay perspective i think it makes faction rallies a far better thing…misstep with catalysts though…should not be locked out


I don’t mind the approach as much but take away the incentive to side with one or the other (Or make them equal). Let it be who you want to be with not because I want A, B or C instead. (But that is how the first rally was and we all know Dead Orbit was the most popular in D1 so that was also a given)

The armor was more my thing and I’d side with a different faction based on which one I liked for that particular character. I almost always chose FWC for my Lock and DO for my Hunter and my Titan ends up NM by default lol.

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I liked NM on my lock and DO on my titan…and i think i did the same with the hunter FWC by default but don’t think i got one token for them…ever


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The notes say that you can switch your pledge without losing your rank, so I guess the solution is to max it out the first week, and then switch factions.
I want the graviton catalyst, I just think that it’s odd that each faction has a different class emblem. Warlock=DE, Titan=NM, Master Race=FWC
And New Monarchy has the coolest looking armor.

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How do you join a faction? I see them on the map but I can’t interact with them.

Can’t do it until the Rally starts, which is usually at reset.