Destiny 9/21

What’s going on for tonight? What’s everyone running? I need to do a few things to buy another piece of gear for my Huntard. I’ll run low level stuff for the new guys in TTK if they want to. I have two 28s.

I’m pretty much like Gunny’s Glory Hole slogan “open for anything”.

I wouldn’t mind starting TTK up now that I’m at 26. Although I also haven’t run House of Wolves or Dark Below.

I have a 31 I need to move up. I’ll play whatever

I’ll be looking for one more, possibly two to do the nightfall before reset. It recommends 280 light, and I’m not picky so as long as you meet the recommended I’m down. Last I checked I’m around 290. Please message me to let me know you’re from the clan. Like most people I get bombarded with invites and I believe I’m missing invites from clan members and it makes me sad :smile:

I’ll be on around 9:30pm EDT

I’m not there yet, still at 267 (I think). Hoping to buy boots tonight but I doubt it’ll bump me to 280. Still need a few more pieces.

I will be on, can run low level stuff with my alts if need be.

May all the servers crash and burn to the ground…umm…I mean have fun everyone!! Lol

Im down for whatever. Got a titan i need to level up. Hes at 37 almost 38 i think. Still need to do the story with him.

I have a level 25 and level 13 I need to work on. Window Licking only gets you so far.
I made pretty good progress this weekend.

I need to do some serious catching up.
Despite having three L34s the day before TTK.

Now I have 37, 40 and 25.
Not done more than four TTK story (girlfriend wants to do them with me), a quest or two and and 2/3 subclass missions.

Barely even done weapons training this week.