Destiny Almighty Full Event

For those @destinyplayers that missed the live event.

Well condensed as it was 90 minutes long.

Yea it was a long one…that’s what she said

You mean i grinded those damn serpah towers for hours to see a firework show. now i know why i got tired of it. Lots of grind no reward.

Fireworks show that took over 90 minutes. I’m not sure how Destiny doesn’t watch how Fortnite handles live events in game and copy that.

They wanted it to be…“real time” so the science nerds could could plot launch times from the satellites to the almighty and the “science” speed trajectory etc. would work… we don’t play the game for realism…next one needs to be like 15 minutes max

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I get the nerd aspect and the “realism”, but if they were going that route i would expect a whole of announcements like they do with space launches today. Rasputin should have been broadcasting mission status during the whole time with countdowns and stuff.

If Destiny wanted exciting real time events they should of taken a page out of Fortnite’s book. I know most of us are too retarded to actually play Fortnite so we don’t like it but we have to admit they do a lot very right. Their Live in game events are always done so well. From the Marshmello concert to the map blowing up.

Make it exciting. Keep it short. Immerse the players with the action.