Destiny Hot Fix 01/12/2015

So it appears the public events will now (again) have the possibility to drop ascendant materials only, not the radiant materials, that only comes from the raids. Along with that great news Iron Banner will award level 32 gauntlets and wait for it… level 31 chest piece. What? I can buy a level 31 chest piece all day long. What is the point? does bungie want to make it virtually impossible to get to level 32?

The VOG now has the possibility (though still rare) to drop level 32 exotic weapons. No level 32 legendary weapons or armor?

And they are taking the cheese away for Crota’s end.

and now Iron banner is still not offering what i need. i wish the queens bounty would come back. this is stupid.

Bungie sort of fucked up by not offering PvP specific stat armor, similar to most MMOs.

That said, I’d rather grind the Iron Banner than repeatedly play the same missions.