Destiny on XB1

Hey gang,

Remember a few months ago when I was all “help help! I need people to raid with and shit” - well, never mind that. I found /r/fireteams and that’s been a godsend. Got my main character up to 31 (missing CE arms) and a bunch of exotics and another to 29 so far.

But NOW I’m wanting to level my toons on the Xbox One, particularly since that’s the console my son and I play on. I have a 25 warlock, although I’m really thinking about leveling a hunter as it’s my preferred class, and would love to get him some decent gear. I could go through /r/fireteams, but since I know you guys primarily play on the Xbox, would you be willing/able to sherpa me through VoG, Nightfalls, etc.?


Okay, I’ll add you if I haven’t already. I figured I wouldn’t need to worry about using /r/fireteams on the Xbox One. I’ll be on later today and I’m on pretty consistently throughout the week. Can I even do stuff like VoG and NF at 25? I really want to get high enough to be able to run stuff with my son (he’s 8) along with you guys.

We play every night. You can add me. Koldfront kraig.

Welcome back. Add me: Mac79PR.

Thanks everyone. I added all of you: evil m1ke

I wasn’t able to get on last night (and may not tonight) due to some unforeseen kid juggling with their mom - she got really sick, so I wound up keeping them with me, which eliminated my play time yesterday.