Detroit: Become Human Mega Thread

I think this launched this week…any @PlayStationPlayers trying this one out…I has been the one I’m most interested in picking up a ps4…for.

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At least @anon3687162 and myself have it, and maybe a few others. We have some posts in the release date thread, but not really a mega thread for the game. So…yours is it!

It’s a hell of a game. I’m really enjoying it right now, it’s a nice callback to the point and click PC adventure games. They also fixed movement from how bad it was in Heavy Rain on PS3. The story is intricate and I love the flowchart at the end of each chapter that tells you what path (without spoiling other parts you missed) you took and how much you missed.

I played the demo, it was pretty decent.
Not sure on replayability, so wasn’t desperate to purchase this at full retail.

I think I expected more for some reason, rather than just another in the line of Heavy Rain / LA Noire.
Perhaps I just misinterpreted the marketing.

I intended on getting it and the release date came faster than I realized. I have too many damn games I need to finish at the moment but this will likely get added to that back log at some point.

@unobtainaballs do you think i’ll get 60 hours of play out of it? I think i look at the cost of $1/hr or less as a value threshold for me.

Doubt it.
Most are saying 10 hour play-through with up to 24 hours if you repeated it for all the story branches.

Single-Player Polled Average Median Rushed Leisure
Main Story 41 11h 27m 11h 11m 9h 09m 13h 39m
Main + Extras 9 14h 59m 13h 12h 59m 18h 29m
Completionists 3 24h 20m 25h 23h 50m 24h 50m
All PlayStyles 53 12h 47m 12h 9h 41m 18h 41m

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thanks man…kinda hard to hear…I guess I like my JRPGs and such that can be 60-100 for completion-ists like me…my wife would love for me to do that game, it would be less time than binge watching…arrested development for example

Is there a way to tell how many hours you’ve spent in a game on PS4?

I gotta power through Yakuza 0 and Kawami first. I actually forgot about it and have so much to play right now I think I am going to wait until it’s on sale.

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Pretty sure not.
Unless the individual games log that stat.

I’ve recently played this game on Epic Games Launcher, and it was an amazing game.

The interconnecting storylines of three protagonists are successfully portraying the theme the people at Quantic Dream wanted players to experience. It’s a unique cinematic game.