Division Dev creating a Battle Royal game?

That seems to be the rumor. Looks like Massive Entertainment isn’t just working on The Division 2, but also a Battle Royal game.

Add another to the list of AAA devs working on the new hot genre.


They all better work fast. The genre will be dead before some of them come out.


i can see them expanding on the Survival DLC that is in The Division. If you play the PVP variant of that it is Battle Royale like… not full blown by any means but def geared towards a survival of the fittest, one vs all, grab gear, kill anyone and everyone and get to the choppa and get the hell outta there.

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I’m creating a GRG Battle Royale game mode. There will be lag switches, flesh lights and coors light (for @Gunny).

And @anon42851937, your title will piss people off. :rofl:


No light beer damn it! Full flavor in the first expansion pack?

Sorry, Banquet Beer is a cash shop pay 2 win extra.

I got to make money somehow.

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I actually like Survival’s goal oriented success much better than the last man standing type Battle Royale games.