Do your Exotic Engram farming with 3oC quickly

If you haven’t gotten on board with this

Do it quickly, patch likely with next reset.

Already patched.

Three of Coins now provides a smaller increase in Exotic Engram drop chance when rapidly killing Ultras

dang they are getting quick on the patches

Son of a bitch. Never even got a chance to try this. Guess its time I start farming strange coins so next time something like this happens I’ll be able to jump on it.

The of coins is different than strange coins. The of coins is a consumable that Xur sells. They come in packs of 5.

I know that, but I needed strange coins to buy them from xur. I think I have maybe 7 strange coins or something like that. So I need to start farming.

They drop like mad now. You’ll get a ton just by playing.

I just need 13 before the end of the weekend. That’s all I need right now. Sorry to say it but it looks like I’m a have to skip boxing for today LOL.