DrInking Dungeons & Dragons

Sup nerds! Considering this is a gaming community… I was curious to see how many are into the original gaming! Pulling down your pants and… Wait… Not that original. I’m talking the table top Dungeons and Dragons! Pen and paper RPG’ing or in this sense would be the https://roll20.net site. I do a little writing in my spare time and floating around some campaign ideas and was hoping to cut my DM’ing teeth on some of you mo’ fuckas! Let me know if you are interested or you can tell me to shove it up my ass… Either way… Fun night! Laters

Though I grew up during that time never did get to do that.

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I dabbled in D&D in High School, used to love RA Salvatore Dark Elf novels. I wasn’t any good at it then and doubt I will have improved

Depending on the night, I would be interested. I recently got interested but don’t know anybody locally. I have no idea what I’m doing but would like to give it a try.

I don’t know anything about it but have a feeling you are going to roll a “take your pants off”

I played D&D in HS, but was more into Warhammer 40K and RIFTS. Honestly looked at it a few years back but I think I have pretty much moved on from this.

Awesome! And yes you will all be pantsless… If you are interested let me know what character and class you would be interested in playing. If you are brand new it’s fine. I’m not that 100% on the rules but I have a grasp on the concept of it. I will gladly walk ya through it. I’ll have to familiarize myself with the roll20 site. So if there is a good turn out I’ll get started. Bitches.

[quote=“theewildmanwade, post:1, topic:6282”]
I do a little writing in my spare time [/quote]

So you are the one that keeps sending me erotic ghost stories in the mail.

…I’ve said too much.

I’ve played and DM’d using both roll20 and Fantasy Grounds, it’s a lot more difficult than sitting at a table and playing.

No, but my body is willing…

I have slowly been puttin a campaign together… but I’m down to play or run… if only people would stop dying around me. I could get some time to work on it

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