E3 News Mega Thread - 6/15 Sony updated - all trailers included

I will come back and Edit this post accordingly. E3 is one of my favorite times of the year, seeing all the reveals, getting excited about new tech. I will be balls deep in this news. I will also break it down into sections.

Pre-E3 Leaks:

  • Forza 5 release date has leaked thanks to france again, it will be coming out sept. 18th
  • Same source has also leaked the new Tomb Raider game, November 13th
  • Mirrors Edge Catalyst was leaked in a trademark filing, with EA shortl confirming the leak. It will be shown at E3 with a 2016 release. An EA rep stated that this is not a direct sequel to the original Mirrors Edge.
  • Alleged leaked marketing materials have revealed more details about Destiny’s big expansion rumoured to hit in September, further adding weight to its long-rumoured name of The Taken King. The Taken King will launch September 15 for US$40. The new content will offer a new subclass and new elemental super ability for each of the three character classes. Warlocks will get an electrical storm (arc), Hunters will receive a gravity bow (void), while Titans will have a flaming hammer (solar). The expansion will introduce new Strikes, new PvP maps and, a new raid that was confirmed by Bungie in April. According to today’s leak, the new raid boss is apparently Oryx, the father of Crota’s End raid boss, Crota. Oryx heads a new class of enemies called the Taken as he seeks to strike revenge for the death of his son.
  • following an earlier rumor that Dark Souls 3 would appear at E3, and later launch on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. IGN got a hold of this Picture pretty much confirming DS3
  • A leak on a Sony Retail Loyalty site, which gives video games retail employees a chance to win prizes, has revealed a promotion that runs from May 14th through June 10th. What’s interesting though is the prizes listed in the promotion. As you can see in the image below, the PS4 is listed as having a retail value of $349.99 while the Vita is listed as having a retail value of $89.00. So if the price cuts were to be announced at E3, that would be a $50 price cut for the PS4 and a $110 price cut for the Playstation Vita!
  • Mark Cerny, the architect behind the PlayStation 4, is reportedly heading up development on The Last Guardian which will be re-revealed at E3.
  • Adrift trailer leaked with September release date. Platforms are PC, PS4, and Xbone.
  • Amazon just released a posting for The new rockband with all instruments for ÂŁ209 (around ~$325) with a release date of october 6th. stateside this will probably be $299. gamers are usually more expensive over seas.
  • Bethesda accidently leaked Dishonored 2. During rehearsals for the stage speech, a live mic was streaming on twitch. Bethesda responded by tweeting “twitch test a success, see you tomorrow at 6:30.”
  • screen shots for A new transformers game have shown up. They show generation 1 transformers with a cell shaded look fighting each other. This could be the game platinum is working on for act I vision. A retail listing for the game has popped up on Amazon Canada. Seems to be a downloadable title.

Doom looks good,
[[custom map maker. Users can use to make new modes and maps, then upload to servers.
Multiplayer looks great.
Chainsaw, shotguns, assault rifle, Bfg gun shown.
Dishonored 2 announced,
[[ 2 characters can be used, different powers each.
Dishonored remastered announced.
Teso, in game footage of stuff, grg blows loads all over monitor.
Elder Scrolls card game announced for mobile
Fallout 4 demo. New engine, can play as male and female, baby is created based on looks.
Game starts prewar
Dog can fetch items.
First person, third person, and vats can be used in combat.
"junk " items are now useful, they can be used to build things.
Can build weapons, 50 base weapons.
Can build settlement, which bring wanderers which bring traders, those traders have some of the best weapons.
Can build power armor
Worked with apple to make new, completely free mobile game.
Collectors edition comes with a real life pip boy that can hold smart phone sans be used in game.
release date is November
Bethesda releasing figures to commemorate first conference.


  • Opens with Halo campaign, give squad orders. looks like more halo…
  • can play as both Locke and Master Chief, Chief no where to be seen in the demo.
  • New PVP mode, Halo Warzone - PvPvW, trailer shows team of roughly 10 red and 10 blue fighting in vehicles, along with AI controlled enemies you would see in the campaign, including mini bosses.
  • New game, Recore, trailer shown, comes a new game from former Mega Man producer Keiji Inafune, Comcept and ex-Metroid Prime developers at Armature Studio.
  • Xbone has backwords compatibility with xbox 360. Xbone lives features work with older games, can play with xbone and xbox 360 players.
  • New Elite controller shown, has 4 paddles behind, replacable sticks, d-pad, full customization similar to a Scuff controller. More details here.
  • Fallout 4 PC mods can be imported to fallout 4 on xbone with windows 10.
  • Exclusive Division Beta for Xbone in December.
  • Exlusive Rare game shown, shows pirates and cartoony graphics like TF2, but dont really know what it is.
  • Rare announces a bundle of all their classic games on one disc.
  • Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 announced.
  • Gears of War 1 Remastered confirmed with open Beta for this week. game comes out August.
  • New game then shown, called Gears 4. coming holiday 2016.

Electronic Arts:

  • Opens with newMass Effect cinematic.
  • Launches 2016
  • shows car custimzation, then a race.
  • camera is all over the place when turning, drifting.
  • launches this fall
  • Star Wars MMO shown, new expansion cinimatic shown
  • Free for all Subscribers, Crowd lulz
  • Some game called unraveled shown…
  • Dude on stage was tripping on shrooms while playing little big planet when he came up with the idea…
  • Seriously, game looks pretty, just boring.
  • Garden Warfare 2 shown. New classes for each side
  • Plants are now attacking the Zombies
  • Every mode can be played Solo against bots
  • Releasing Spring 2016
  • new NHL game cinematic shown with speech about being champions.
  • golf game using frostbite engine
  • no load times, can play whereever ball lies
  • something about ultimate team, can’t keep up, they are talking about all sports games at once.
  • NBA Live 16, theya re doing the in game face thing again…
  • some guy named hood dawg gets his face scanned with an app. looks good but was obviously loaded last week.
  • I’m not wasting my time talking about mobile gaming…
  • Pele is brought on stage to talk about Soccer/futbol… nobody knows why
  • 10-15 minutes later, the actual game is shown
  • Fifa 16 has a new Trainer mode, FINALLY!!!
  • new physics, new faints, new crosses… typical sports stuff
  • Female players
  • every fifa 15 player gets a pele and messi UT card. stats are awesome.
  • another in engine cinematic of typical awesome fifa shots
  • Mirrors edge Catalyst is shown. +
  • No “levels” and no loading screens.
  • Origin/prequel to the first Mirrors Edge
  • Relasing Feburary 2016
  • Madden Shown
  • Stream went down… missed most of Madden.
  • Old chick on stage talking about Star Wars
  • In engine, PS4 gameplay footage shown
  • AT-AT is on rails in this mode, X-wings, B-wings and snow speeders can be seen fighting AT-ST and Tie Fighters. Looks amazing.
  • Vader and Luke Go at it to end the trailer.


  • Opens with a new South park game, South Park: The Fractue But Whole.
  • instead of fantasy, this one is super hero themed.
  • Ayesha Tyler Says ubisoft dropped the ball over the last year on quality. Troof!
  • cinematic shown with a buncha knights…
  • Some game called For Honor, @RTuTTle86 called it a Midevil fighting simulator
  • 4v4 Pvp match is shown, all 8 players on stage playing on console. looks like PS4
  • Awesome action, looks good.
  • playable 4v4 on show floor
  • The Crew is brought up… New expansion, didnt think that would happen
  • Motorcycles, monster trucks, drag racing, and drifting are shown.
  • releases november with a complete graphics overhaul… like a REAL expansion… wierd.
  • Trials fusion expansion shown with a cat riding a horse…
  • The division is brought back out. guy is tlaking about the “Dark Zone”
  • In game footage of cheesey acting players talking about going to the “Dark Zone” “remember guys, might not be just us in there”
  • 3 different squads not affiliated start fighting eachother, one group has “dark loot”
  • A wilhelm scream is heard. HAHA
  • after enemies are down, a crate is opened with a LMG, other group follows, no communications with them.
  • Seems if you die you lose any loot gained.
  • Division has GRG written all over it, watch the gameplay below.
  • Betas will be “early next year”
  • full game comes out March 8th 2016
  • New city building game shown
  • Anno… trailer shown.
  • Just Dance 2016, can use smart phone camera to play the game.
  • Jason Darulo comes out and sings his hit… not a single fuck was given.
  • Wii U, Xbone, and PS4 get a subscrition service that streams new songs for the game.
  • Rainbow 6 Siege is back on stage with Angela Basset
  • she comes and goes for no reason.
  • Terrorist hunt is announced. 5 player on stage playing.
  • AI knows how to breach a room. teamwork looks extremely important.
  • Speaker on stage says 4 modes are int he game.
  • Beta on all platforms sept 24th, includes PVP, and T-Hunt.
  • ummm some F1 cars just got dropped from a helicopter to a track, cars are going airborne, upside down, looks crazy.
  • It’s trackmania
  • Game is being played with a PS4 controller, possible console version.
  • random tracks can be made with a single button press, including trees and signs.
  • Arcade booth and VR demos availble, no mention of console. or release
  • New Assissins creed cinematic.
  • long cinematic…
  • New gameplay demo at the booth on console… but no being displayed on stage…
  • “one last thing” shown, cinematic shows drugs and guns while following blood trail.
  • Pre-alpha gameplay footage shows 4 ppl sky diving…
  • @RTuTTle86 called it, new ghost recon. no details given at all.


  • The first game revealed is FINALLY The last Guardian
  • Very emotional Trailer shown, 2016 release
  • shoei Takes the stage, he tanks the creators of The Last Guardian
  • Guyerilla Games comes on stage, they show their new IP.
  • new game is called horizon
  • New Hitman is announced with CGI Trailer
  • 6 exclusive contracts for PS4
  • Street FighterV is shown introducing Cammy and Birdie… thats it…
  • No man’s sky live demo
  • host pics random planet to explore, finds some fish and animals…
  • shows that all buildings are destructable
  • uploads findings to a “beacon” this gives him money…
  • still no release date
  • Media Molecule takes the stage… they show some type of art game
  • its animation… I’m not sure what it is…
  • trailer is shown, game is called Dreams, no more info.
  • Firewatch is shown as a timed console exclusive.
  • short trailer, still no new info
  • Destiny is on stage now
  • The Taken king is real
  • new powers shown for each class
  • Exclusive weapons, maps etc for PS4
  • some kiddy final fantasy game… i dunno.
  • just a short CGI trailer with voiceover.
  • look back at Shenmue 1 and 2, leading up to a kickstarter for Shenmue 3
  • kickstarter goes live whith the creator on stage.
  • CGI trailer showing the Joker being Cremated.
  • Trailer shows gameplay of a cop running into Scarecrow, announce exclusive scarecrow missions for Batman
  • COD Black ops 3 is announced
  • Campaign is shown with 4 player co-op. looks VERY futuristic.
  • MP is shown, looks like there are classes, each “player” shows a super ability by pushing R1 and L1,
  • gameplay is extremely fast, double jumping, wall running, and more abilities.
  • timed exclusivety of COD maps is announced/confirmed.
  • sizzle real showing a lot of games is thrown in.
  • star wars music plays… it about Disney infiniti…
  • exclusive playset and figures.
  • SW Battlefront takes the stage.
  • reveal new wave mode that can be played solo or co-op.
  • Uncharted is shown, issue with demo and its restarted.
  • gameplay demo
  • player is going through the market during a big gunfight.
  • Demo ends and the conference abruptly ends…
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Square Enix

Updated from the Florida Keys

Updated after Bethesda conference while sitting in er waiting room.

Get that M$ shit up here, I haven’t been able to watch but heard something about 360 games on the One?

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other people can add to the thread and ill put it in the opening post. im at work so i missed 5 minutes here and there of MS, but they fucking nailed it.

updated what i had on my notes. please let me know if i missed anything.

I know that hurt You to say that about M$

not really, there is always a winner, and good competition brings out better products for us. i didnt see anything that makes me wants to buy an Xbone, but they had some huge announcements, and took shots directly at Sony, which they normally don’t do. They know they are losing, so they really needed to have a good conference, and its gonna be hard for sony to top this.

also, I had a 360 last gen, not a PS3, there 2012 e3 is the reason they lost me and some of my friends as customers.

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updated before pele puts me to sleep

more tailers added, half way through ubisoft

everything is up to date

Still haven’t seen any pressers but did read an article that talked about the death of Kinect. Seems like it wasn’t even mentioned during their show.

NOPE! not a single thing talking about Kinect, even Just Dance said you don’t need a camera on your system, you can just use the phone in your camera, not sure how… but thats what they said

tons of good stuff great E3 so far

squares trailers added.