EA reports underperforming fiscal quarter

They blame Battlefield 5s less than expected adoption rate with no battle royale mode at launch and a focus on a singleplayer story line. The are hopeful for Anthem and Apex Legends. They mentioned Respawn is still working on Jedi: Fallen Order.

EA confirmed that a range of console-specific games is expected to launch by year’s end, including a new Plants vs. Zombies “shooter,” a new game in the Need for Speed series, and the Respawn-developed Star Wars game Jedi: Fallen Order . An additional Titanfall-related game is also slated to launch by year’s end, but Wilson would not offer any further details about what shape that game might take (meaning: a remake of an existing Titanfall game isn’t yet out of the question).

EA also is threatening layoffs:

Wilson told investors to expect “deliberate changes to our organization and operational focus.”


While not having a BR mode didn’t help I don’t think that was the main issue with BF5’s popularity. It’s basically a watered down, reskinned BF1 which was a watered down, reskinned BF4.

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bummer fiscal report

What a headline.

I had genuinely forgotten they still plan to include this.

They really should just forget the BR mode unless it’s going to be extremely good or offer something new to the table. There are so many BR games right now we don’t need another subpar one.

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