Erased games

I’m having problems with my games being deleted for unknown reasons and I’m curious if anyone has heard of this problem or has had it happen to them. I’ve had it happen to 3 games only once but it’s still aggravating. Essentially what happens is the game says it needs an update I go to apply said update and the file size of the update shows it as the whole game. I’ve stopped the install hard reset among other things to see if it’s just an error but the game is always gone and has to be reinstalled so if anyone has heard of this and might know of a fix please help I’ve even browsed hours online looking for any similar situations and haven’t found any.

I haven’t had any games show deleted but I’ve had a pretty consistent issue with the updates for destiny becoming corrupted and causing issues with my oneX

Maybe it’s a one X issue I have one as well and I’ve never had this issue before when I had my standard xbox one

Never noticed this issue with my 1X but it doesn’t get a whole lot of use tbf.

Have noticed something similar with PS4 over the years though, low incidence rate and I don’t think it’s happened recently. I think it was Destiny 1/2 that it happened to.

I have never had any issues on the OG, S, or X.

Its happened to me with elite dangerous, destiny 2, and now forza horizon 4

Maybe your Xbox is ducked?


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Maybe but I cant afford another one so I’ll have to suffer just was hoping someone might have a solution

Internal or external drive? I haven’t seen the issue or had the kids tell me they’re missing games on their consoles, which are 3 launch editions and one X.

One on external 2 on internal so that’s not the problem I did think of that and had checked, i wished it were that easy

Well, if the Xbox isn’t going bad itself, then I have to wonder if it’s a power issue with either your outlet or a surge strip (if you’re using one)?

Elite Dangerous should be erased, right @GrumpyInUt?

Haters are gonna hate, it’s a great game

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I’m just busting Grumpy’s balls as he’s an Elite fanboy.

Lol I’d do the same

Half of it’s mechanics should be, yes.

They don’t want you making money in that game. no sir.

Just gotta play the system we got a buddy on my from sidewinder to anaconda in 2 days with a pretty good upgrade, not Aced out but still

That’s exactly what I mean.
You can’t make money in a timely manner playing normal mechanics when you’re dealing with A rated and combat fit Corvettes and Cutters.

Always have to find some janky work around instead of them just implementing a player run economy.

It wasnt to janky just wing missions with large cargo runs, but ya they need to keep their grubby fingers out of it