ESO Double XP Holiday Event

For those that dabble in ESO every now and again, Double XP starts today and runs through the holidays.


I’m trying to get away from ESO, the time suck is too much.

I’ll have to check this out now that @deSoldier2001 is done playing.

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Double XP? I’ll have to jump back in!

Caught @Bigfish and @GrumpyInUt playing ESO together. And saw @quantumklutz playing earlier. I think it’s safe to go back now @deSoldier2001 isn’t playing.

It’s actually better now that you don’t all have to be the same faction to play together

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Agreed, that aspect allows you to fast travel to your party in different areas and unlock them.

What about pvp? That’s what I’m dying to run in.

Dunno, I don’t play lvl like you or others do. I am more into questing and such. We did some treasure hunting the other night and it was pretty fun.

I finally finished all the holiday quests last night. Now to just enjoy double XP while I play extreme catch up to the rest of the ESO world.

Can’t believe how big that game is. Never knew.

It’s really huge. I’ve finished the main story line and now am questing in another faction. I haven’t even touched any of the Expansion packs.


I had to trek by horse (thanks for tip on getting the imperial package by the way) across several continents to finish those holiday quests. The event was definitely made for those that have been playing awhile and have discovered a lot. lol

If I would have had to do all that on foot I’d still be working on it. holy shit.

Best Buy has this for $5.00 for anyone interested in playing. Can’t really go wrong at that price.

That’s the main game… I’d run around with you, @Lala_Calamari

Yes. It’s not the expansion packs. If you pay for ESO plus you get access to all the expansion packs while playing (and a materials bank to dump all your crafting shit). You also get 1500 crown points a month so you can just out right purchase the DLC later.

There are a ton of things to do in the game. I was spending almost 6-8 hours a day playing it for at least 6 months, and still didn’t get all the crap done. If someone wants to do the fishing achievement I’ll help, but I need to break from the pvp grind.

I must of been playing quite a bit of PvP last go around. Logged in yesterday to get 15k in rewards. Nice little surprise.

Which I actually did. :slight_smile: I own all the DLC from saving up the crowns I earned in ESO Plus.

A reward for playing in a 30 day campaign from back whenever you played.

I think playing in ESO Pvp is okay 1-3 times a months tops. If you want rank up to level 50, the equivalent of prestiging in CoD I’ll tell you the what to do.

Go outside, find a power line pole, and slam your head into it over and over and over and over and over for 2 years, and that will be equal to the boring, unrewarding, pointless grind that is PvP. Your welcome.