ESO Dungeon Diving 5/23

Join Grim Reaper Gamers for a night of Dungeon Crawling in Elder Scrolls Online! Let’s get a party going and run some of the public Dungeons in ESO tonight. Beginning and experienced players welcomed. We’re also open of ideas on events. Any of you pussies brave enough for Cyrodiil?

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This will be mine and @kelseama last evening for a couple weeks while we move. Let me know if anyone has anything they want to do or need or want to fuck around with. Otherwise we’ll probably end up in 2 separate groups in Craglorn.

As Always, if you need equipment, supplies or dungeon/quest help, throw me a message.

I am out, recording a ReaperCast. I probably should pick a new night.

I also expect to mix it up a bit once Morrowind comes out. I’m sort of on a hiatus until that comes out.

Same. I login to do my daily writs and mount upgrade. I haven’t been doing much questing otherwise until Morrowind drops. I’m still on board for Tuesday’s though.


I don’t have anything special planned for this evening, so let me know if anyone has anything they would like to do. There’s a lot of options available, so let’s see what the turn out looks like. Maybe we can do Pledges, or private dungeons. Group areas in Craglorn are always an option. If we have a similar turnout as last week, let’s run some guys through Skyreach.

I’ll have a party running just before 9EST.

I can do quest in Craglorn, delve, or undaunted pledges.

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Decent evening with @deSoldier2001 @Azalin4savioR @kelseama and @Sniper_T1 doing public dungeons and delves.

I’ll be out for a week or two due to moving (for the next eso nights)

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In a few weeks we’ll have Morrowind.

Mass Warden leveling group??? :smiley:

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I’m definitely down for that. We should see how many people will have Morrowind.

That’ll be the question. One of the reasons I’m putting ESO nights on hold until we figure out WTF is going on with the Expansion. I’d still like an ESO night if possible, even if it’s a group of us hanging out in chat bullshitting with each other while we run our shit in Morrowind.

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We’ll figure something out. I think once Morrowind actually drops, we’ll see more people lining up for ESO night.

I will get Morrowind. I’m curious how the two games will blend. Until then have 4 chars left to gear out & level.