ESO Guild Night 6/6 - Morrowind

Bring out your Wardens! Jump in tonight for some public/private dungeons, delves, and general shenanigans. Groups form around 9pm EST Joing GRG Voice Channel 1 to get into a group

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Looking forward to it.

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@ESOPlayers we may need a couple of groups going for this tonight. We can run Morrowind on one and the regular provinces on the other. I’m going to try and find delves and dungeons to do in Morrowind throughout the day. If you don’t have the expansion, come out anyway. We’ll find you a spot somewhere.

Make sure to hop into in game Guild voice chat. We need to work on utilizing that more.

Haven’t had a chance to test it yet. Hoping it’s fixed.

@ESOPlayers servers are up

That was tough. Hopped into the party directly after creating my character. No clue wtf anything does, not that I have any abilities.

Decent delves. As expected, they were highly populated with gamers so it wasn’t much of a challenge. It should be more interesting next week!

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You have to tag them right, so they get annoyed with GRG notifications!

@deSoldier2001 @enterF123 @anon42851937 @kelseama @Lootspider @necrofraggle @Sniper_T1 @xxxNAILBUNNYxxx


Lol I was going to be nice.

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So new…

Still need to get some money. Getting paid next week so maybe when i come back from Bagotville i’ll buy it :slight_smile:

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