Fallout 4

So who is going tobe playing and on what console? I figured we could party upwhile playing and trade tips tricks and stories. I know @Grex is a Fallout champion!

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I think Grex, JH, and PJ got it on PC as well. We couldn’t pass up the discount on GMG.

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Well pre-ordered it about a week ago for the Xbox… Let’s hope it is worth it. The limited videos available are looking good so far. Good idea to party chat while playing for tips etc. Will be a challenge because of the time difference. .

Where are you from and what time do you play?

I Play at night in 'Merica like all night. Long story. Add me GRG Jackal

I’ve heard if KFK buys this game we may never see him in a Multiplayer again.

yeah i got it on PC. But can open the xbox app and party up through there. Or better yet. SKYPE. Clothes optional.


I’m going to play it on the PS4, and I may also get it on the PC way down the line.

With Halo V and BLOPS III , U am going to busy for quite a while but I intend to get this at the first of the year , might get lucky and run across a used one by then ,

I will on the Xbone 1. I think this and blops 3 will be my winter mainstays. Good idea to group chat.

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Right, I have it coming for PC.

I am all over it on xbox. Preordered it like 2 months ago

i plan on getting it down the road if at all… didn’t care much for new vegas, although its the only one i played.

New vegas was ok but was not developed by Bethesda. It was published by Bethesda but developed by Obsidian. I didn’t like it as much as fallout 3. Just an FYI.

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Yeah I didn’t mind Vegas but you need to give Fallout 3 a shot to make a proper judgement.


I did too! I’m upset that the DLC isn’t part of the Fallout 3 DL.

November 10th

I’ll be on the xbox so I’m sure I’ll see you @GRG_Jackal. I never thought about group chat and playing a SP game but that is a good idea! I’m with @TheBodyFarmer, Blops 3 and Fallout 4 will consume me into the new year! I preordered the Pipboy Edition but am thinking about canceling and just getting a regular copy. I also was able to snag one for the PS4 that i was going to resell but am feeling lazy and will probably cancel that as well.

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Getting it on the PS4. Single player games automatically go onto the stronger hardware.

I’m going PC with this one. That way I can play on my laptop, PC, or the Steam Link if I want to play on the TV. Plus, the modding community comes up with great stuff for this game every time, so I have to play on PC for that reason alone.