Far Cry 5 Mega Thread

Have not watched this one yet.

Pre-order in. Looks like it’s going to be a blast. With a trade-in on AC: Origins (no way I can see going back to that now…) will run me about $10. What…a…bargain… :slight_smile:


Anyone getting this on PC?

And sales from GRG members just shot up!

LOL. They actually did their homework it’d seem…


Had no intention on picking this up till I read this thread, thanks guys

Metacritic score at 80 right now.

Could be better if people were not leaving “0” reviews cause the game was delayed for Arabic localization.

You bastards with your damn informative and entertaining posts and cultivated content! I don’t need another game right now! Why is my credit card in my hand?


The big bad is so fucking creepy. They took the lessons from Silence of the Lambs and applied them to the Seed family. I swear I haven’t seen the two that have been introduced thus far blink.


Have to pay attention to the little details. Some really great shit tucked away. This was about how smoothly the naming of our kids went too… :joy:


I am playing this like crazy.
I preordered and was a little oh no the first hour. Minimal guns and “father freaks”, turkeys, cougars bears oh my! coming at you from every angle. Admit " the father" is creepy as hell.
Controls felt a little wonky and less intuitive than Ghost Recon

About 2 hours in I had a 50 cal lmg in my hands and laughing ! Flying planes, and helicopters, shooting others down with rpgs. I am having a blast with this game and so far haven’t even cared about co op yet . As already stated the dialogue and " little things" are funny as hell.

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Is anyone playing this on PC and has a gaming time from 8pm-Midnight Central. I got a free copy of this on pc and I’m not big on buying games like this twice. Just wondering if anyone is on PC.

The game is fantastic by the way.

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