First Impressions of Division Patch

Now I haven’t really played anything yet. Just booted up the game and did some looking around.

First think that happened that was a nice touch boot up the game and it has special menu with full patch notes IN GAME. This wasn’t needed but definetly a nice feature and allows players to know about new features.

Gear Score is everywhere like recommended Gear Score for challenge mode is 130. My gear score is 182 which is cause every piece of gear I have equipped was a level 31. Level 31 gear is scored at 182 so your Gear Score is the average of the gear you have.

The vendor in the BoO was selling gear score weapons 204, both around cost 900 Phoenix credits. I didn’t pay attention to the gear set recipes gear scores but they were all over 300 Phoenix credits for one piece.

I went to Z06 to check that vendor. He only sold 4 things. Two were Nomad pieces 191 score rank 30. Two were blueprints for Nomad pieces 214 score rank 50.

Assignments I saw for today. Kill 3 elites for 10 Phoenix Credits.
Upgrade so many green pieces to blue for 1 high-end division tech
And kill 10 LMB in dark zone for so many DZ funds, didn’t make note of amount.

Gear Score is making a douche of me already. I jumped into a challenge mode matchmaking. I saw one guy had a score of 113 so I left the group.

Incursion gear score required is 140 for hard, recommended 160. For challenge required 160 gear score and beaten hard. Didn’t give a recommended gear score for challenge since I couldn’t do it.

End thoughts- I guess lot of grinding in my future, DZ and Daily missions/assignments. Before everything seemed to work as one but now feels a little seperate but not a bad thing.

I like looking for perfect sets for my play style and I didn’t get that in a month and now all this stuff. I am at a point where that is kind of exciting. It’ll help keep the game going. The game don’t feel like to me right now “I need to gear up to do incursions” though it will for some.

It feels to me it’s just trying to build good sets to mess around with different play styles.


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Kidding aside. Have a gear score of 164. Went and did two of the daily missions. Got my HE drops both gloves, one firearms and one stamina based.

Anyone have the napalm mission bug out on them a lot. It happened before the patch as well.

Also went into the DZ. Saw the supply drops come in. Got 3 mins to get to it. Of course it was way out in DZ04 and I was in DZ01. Did not make it in time.

I can say there were a few things that I saw that I was COMPLETELY wrong about. I thought Phoenix credits were a thing of the past for a while for me (pictured getting the higher end items with them, but the level 40 gear still needs them?). Now, the advanced vendor is WAY out of my price range. I still want to go get my ass handed to me in the incursion, but I log in with 20 mins till server shut down. I guess the 4 he items from challenge mode was not the intention lol. I got to do it once, but was working too so now grind…

I guess we’ll see how things shake out after a little bit of play time…

I ran the challenge mode and both hard modes tonight and got a yellow gun from every end boss. I also got a pair of sentry’s call gloves to start off my gear set from the challenge mode boss.

Server downtime was only 15 minutes.
Was back up after that, FYI.

Incursion was fun, couldn’t beat it, got to wave 4 out of 15. Definetly going to take coordination and learning the waves. Plus getting better gear will help as well.

Even though lot more yellow drops the game still feels the same as it before for me. Not getting upgrades from drops only see vendor gear as upgrades thus far.

Not really formated, just random thoughts about the patch-

Incursion: Horde Mode basically. Got to round 15 of 15 and we recieved the infamous “Delta” error. No missing character though, unfortunate for the XBO side. APC spamming 'nades/rockets can become infuriating at times. Drones are interesting.

Challenge Mode: I’ve gotten 1 Set item to drop from CM (Striker Gloves) which were “meh”. Not happy at all about their CM drop rate fix, which seemed very fast. I felt 4 HEs from Challange was a good thing, especially since they nerfed crafting. Also, the shit you get from CM drops is crap anyway (at least, at this point in the game for me). Even if it is for a placebo, still liked seeing that stack pop up.

Weeklly/Daily assignments seem pretty straight forward.

If they’re going to make the best items in the game crafted, especially from the DZ, then they’re going to need to fix the issue gathering materials, specifically fix the drop rates.

Supply drops are shit from what I’m reading, only looting purple items while the bosses that guard them drop yellows? Still need to look into this, but the DZ doesn’t interest me as of late.

New game-breaking issues, specifically with regards to jamming guns, are not addressed. However, when people start having fun and enjoying the CM, they are quick to address it.

Granted TheDivision is in it’s early stages still, I will give them the benefit of the doubt. However, this latest patch feels like they tried to take 5 steps forward, but ended up going 10 steps back.

Yeah they claim how they want to make this game a looter shooter yet everything I gotten been crap. But looks like I can buy good upgrades. I bought a 214 gear set blueprint.

I honestly feel nothing changed except they are providing ways for people to catch up quicker.

Not really complaining though. To make the game last I guess got to make gear somewhat hard to get. Overall the game don’t have a lot of content no need to rush through what they have.

Going about DZ supply drop rewards, yeah that is stupid. Now it’s odd doing hard mode missions and while getting high-end off boss the mission itself only gives you a purple. And challenge mode boss drops a 182 but the mission reward is 163. That really don’t add up cause it seems mission rewards should give you the best reward or equal reward to boss drop.

they making odd decisions from my view. I guess we just got to let them feel their direction and hope the game improves.