For one (possibly two) night(s) only...

I will be online to play some games tonight and maybe tomorrow night too.
Just my PS4 cos that’s all I have with me.

Let me know if you’re around and want to play something. I probably need to queue updates for every game I own by now…

@PlayStationPlayers !

Note: All comments regarding the World Cup, the English/Croatian football teams or “Is it coming home?” will be met with witty repartees and/or tears.

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I’d be down for a game or two of bf1 or something of the sort

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H1Z1? You know you want to.

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I’m pretty sure I have BF1 and BF4 but need to check if I have the discs for them both with me…

Is anyone still playing that? I thought it was a bit dead…

In GRG? Not sure. Those on my list seem all over the place. But in general, it’s been well received on PS4.

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If anything I think h1z1 is booming but it’s been getting old to me so I figured I try some older shooters for a bit

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I’m down for some games

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I can do:

BF4 (not BF1)
Destiny 2
Star Wars Battlefront (1)
Rocket League

whats a world cup?