For those of you that were asking last night during BLOPS

Peameal bacon (also known as cornmeal bacon) is a type of back bacon made from lean boneless pork loin, trimmed fine, wet cured, and rolled in cornmeal. Its development is credited to a Toronto, Canada, ham and bacon curer, William Davies.

The name “peameal bacon” derives from the historic practice of rolling the cured and trimmed boneless loin in dried and ground yellow peas to extend shelf life. Since the end of World War II it has been rolled in ground yellow cornmeal.

Peameal bacon sandwiches are often considered a signature dish of Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market. It is grilled in medium-sized slices until the centre is slightly rare and the cornmeal coating and external fat turns crisp, then served up with lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise.

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Your bacon is still wrong. That’s a ham sammich.


Pork is pork. Nom!

Don’t defend your weak ass bacon.

There is no bacon better than peameal. Anywhere.

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Um… Looks like ham, but I bet it’s delicious!

Looks like real bacon fucked a ham. Yummy.

I’m thinking this and a side of poutine would be heaven on a plate.

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Damnit Bobby! Now I’m hungry!

Actually, we take it a step further and add the Peameal to the poutine.


Either way it looks and sounds delicious. :meat_on_bone:

Ftr… I’d totally tear up poutine!


Oh yeah. My daughter loves it.

And now they’ve got a Burritorie and a wienerie donwtown here too.

Poutine=failine here!

No… I’m saying I’d tear it up… Wouldn’t have a minute In front of me

I haven’t tried them. I get my burritos from Chipotle or Mucho Burtito and my wieners from Fancy Frank’s.

Are you right in Kingston? My trailer used to be just outside Napanee.